About the Speakers

Speakers at the User Conference include eMDs trainers, support representatives, product development, eMDs Executives, industry experts, and our valued customers!

Meet Our Speakers

Eric Weidmann, MD

Chief Medical Officer, eMDs

John Waites

Training Specialist, eMDs

Tammy Philby, ASCP CPHIMS

Clinical Analyst, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital

Susan Andrews, MD

Family Practice Partners

David Pagliuca

Database Developer and Administrator, eMDs


CIO, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital

Chris Emper

President of Emper Healthcare Advisors

Kristin Weir

Director of Product Management, TriZetto Provider Solutions

David Reed

Sr. Software Architect, eMDs

Allan Grimes, MD

Priority Care Pediatrics

Alester Spears

SVP Sales, eMDs

Sheila Stine

Privacy, Security, Compliance Officer & General Counsel, eMDs

Lana Payne

Conversion Project Manager, eMDs

Dave Abela

Senior VAR Technical Advisor, eMDs

Christopher Wetzel

Channel Marketing Specialist, eMDs

Alan Ortego

Chief Technology Officer, eMDs

J. Scott Litton, Jr., MD, FAAFP

Litton Family Medicine

Anitra Montgomery

Director of Credentialing, eMDs

Joela (Suzi) Chierchie

Implementation Consultant, eMDs

Derek Pickell


Billy McClish

Infrastructure Architect, eMDs

Allison Jones

Director of Marketing, eMDs

Dr. Bill Withers

Professor and Leadership Fellow, Wartburg College

Kathryn Wickenhauser

Regulatory Compliance Advisor, Datafile Technologies

Dr. Peggy Stark-Wilson

Star Shine Consulting

Roger Wilson


Michael Liter

Senior Vice President of RM Operations, eMDs

Patrick Hall

EVP of Business Development, eMDs

Thom Blaylock

Assistant Clinical Professor of Public Policy, New York University's Wagner School of Public Policy

Elena Campos

Product Manager, eMDs

Jennifer Pritchett

Director of Product Management, eMDs

Bharath Perugu

Product Manager, II, eMDs

Wendy Henderson

Training Specialist, eMDs

David Cumming

Reporting Product Manager, eMDs

Donna Vincent

Training Specialist, eMDs

Susan Matlack

Training Specialist, eMDs

Matt Clark

Training Specialist, eMDs

Janet Daniel

Training Team Lead, eMDs